Tulatoo is run and managed by 2 year old Hannah, a spirited toddler who currently resides in London, UK. Born in the cold January of 2015, it soon became very clear that indoor entertainment was needed - and so began her quest for toys and baby goods that thrill, entertain and stand the test of time. 

Of course, such a journey of discovery requires two sidekicks, aka Daddy and Mommy. As former educators, specialising in Special Educational Needs, they fit the criteria perfectly. With an interest not only in the education of children, their skill sets soon extended into the realms of parenting. 

A note from Dad & Mum (Paul & Natalie): "Tulatoo was born from a joint desire to be work-from-home-parents. Whilst learning how to be 'Dad' and 'Mum', we also sought ways to further our experiences as teachers. We still wanted to be involved in children's education, to bring joy to their worlds, but also compliment this with our newly learnt skills as parents. Copious amounts of research began straight after that positive pregnancy test; with so many baby products and toys available, we soon developed a real interest in children's products. 

We wanted more though...more from the products we were purchasing, more from the customer service we were receiving. As parents, we really felt a lack of support from some of the big brands out there. We were just another customer with a new baby. But to us, this 'new baby' was the most incredible human being, so the products we were buying needed to be 100% perfect, safe, reliable, of the highest quality, etc. 

And so began Tulatoo:- our (little) store that sells the baby goods/toys that WE absolutely love. We pride ourselves on being a family-run business:- products selected by parents, products tested and loved by our daughter, forming actual relationships with our customers, creating a network for families in the UK.

Tulatoo products are selected with education, creation and imagination at the forefront. Our childhoods bring back the most incredible memories, and we're hoping to recreate this happiness through the products we sell. Toys that not only entertain, but engage a child's mind. Activities that spark creativity; be it through messy play or putting a brush to canvas. And lastly, toys and games that promote imaginative play:- something we believe strongly in. 

Please do visit us often; we are always adding new and exciting products to our range. 

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And one last thing (pinky promise)... we are on most forms of social media, so be sure to visit us there too, to keep up with the latest news and updates (including Natalie's blogposts). 

If you've read this far... thank you! (I don't even think Paul has read this entire post). 

Hope to chat to you soon! 

Love us at Tulatoo"